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“Do you ever think about it?”
…the words slipped trough her lips in a warm wine scented breath…

Closing her eyes, Maura relived those moments again… the wine… their conversation… Jane’s lips on hers. On her neck. On her chest. Soft nibbles. Soft moans…

But Jane insisted that her and Maura should pretend nothing happened and move on with their lives… Maura had no other choice but to agree not to talk about it again… She tried to convince herself that time is a healer, and sometimes, somethings are sweeter in history.

As much as Maura tried to pretend nothing happened… it has… and it’s not about what actually happened then but what happened in Maura’s mind afterward.. everything made sense. She knew she had always admired Jane even in a physical sense but she never realized she had such complex feelings for her best friend.

 And Jane… with all her stubborness and cold exterior… she couldn’t deny herself the feelings she grew for Maura… but it was impossible. She kept telling herself that it was the wine and the heat of the moment, until she found herself comparing every potential partner to her best friend. No one was as great as Maura. No one was as caring and selfless. No one loved her like Maura. So when the blonde M.E. asked that question… the shivers running through Jane’s back and knees didn’t let her hide the truth anymore…

“All the time.”

(by whatever-works-cris)

posted 05 Apr 2013 @ 21:16
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