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Love your art so much! Could you maybe draw something from right as When the Gun Goes Bang ends? Sort of like what we didn't get to see when the scene faded to black?
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Finally finished it for you!!

I’m bulletproof (nothing to lose)


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after all that we’ve been through, it all comes down to me and you; i guess it’s meant to be forever you and me, after all

I was rewatching this scene and noticed something I had never ‘seen’ before. As Jane drags Bobby’s gun down and presses it against her own body, getting ready to shoot through herself, she pauses for a while. At first it seems that she is just trying to aim right, trying to simulate in her head the trajectory of the bullet through her abdominal cavity - making sure it would miss all the vital organs. While the whole of BPD stands watching her in stunned silence, weapons at the draw. And then Maura stumbles out of the door calling her name. Jane. And in that moment everything changes. One simple word falling from the warmth of those lips - and that’s all it takes to anchor Jane, to set her free. You don’t see her readjust the placement of her weapon again - you just see her pull the trigger. Like she was waiting to hear that one voice, praying fervently for that one sign before she stepped on to the precipice and sacrificed herself for two of the people she had sworn to protect for life. For that one person she would do anything for…

“… I’m here.”
“I know.”
1x10 | When The Gun Goes Bang, Bang, Bang

Someone asked me one of the things I hoped to see in Season 4, and my response is this. I hope to revisit this moment when they all had to relive the day they thought they’d lost Jane. I hope to see the time period between When The Gun Goes Bang Bang and We Don’t Need Another Hero.

I want to see Maura unsure if she’s welcome in Jane’s room so she sneaks in there when Angela is asleep and Frank Sr. is with Frankie. I want to see her pester the surgeons and doctors, making sure they have a plan to remove the bullet and salvage as much as possible. I want to see Maura worrying herself crazy that she forgets to eat, let alone sleep, and Jane’s not there to bring her tuna fish with crackers as a somewhat makeshift dinner. She doesn’t even remember to at least get something from the vending Machine.

I want to see Korsak sitting in the waiting room because he’s not a doctor unlike Maura, and he’s not actual family. I want see how angry he actually is to be told that he’s not Jane’s family. I want to see him remind the doctors and nurses that he’s been covering her butt since he met her and he’s as much family as her blood is. He demands to see her, but eventually he grows tired and quiet and relives the events of that dreadful day and starts to blame himself because Jane’s real partner wouldn’t have let her go back to BPD alone.

I want to see Frost quietly angry, because he won’t actually admit that he’s so angry at himself. He’s so angry at cops like Marino that it makes him hard to be a cop himself. But, then there’s cops like Jane that would shoot herself in order to put cops like Marino away. And then there are cops like him, he thinks. Cops too afraid to actually do anything. Cops too afraid to shoot, even if there’s a chance he’ll hit the wrong person. He’s so angry at himself because he’s not a cop like Marino but he definitely isn’t a good enough cop like Jane. And all he can think about is that he should have been there.

I know that mostly everyone has moved on from Jane shooting herself but a little continuity couldn’t hurt.


Rizzoli & Isles:the season finales. 


Dr. Maura Isles | Rizzoli and Isles | 1.10 When the gun goes bang, bang, bang

Maura I am. Females are wired to be attracted to the strongest, most dominant males. It’s natural selection at work.