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AU ~ In which Maura asks Jane to fix her car…



Rizzles AU: Reminiscing about the quickie in the car before the event


"Even the most docile human being is capable of murder in the right set of circumstances. Especially, when someone takes away the person they love"

#awkward first date (until Jane says something Jane-y to make Maura laugh)

#5x10 #au

AUJane and Maura waiting up while their daughter is out on her first date.

AU ~ In which Maura thinks Jane dress like a librarian is funny.



rizzles trailer {AU}



AU. The letter was delivered to Maura at 3pm on a Saturday. ‘I can’t anymore. I tried. I love you. Take care of my Ma.’ If only Maura could have said goodbye to her Jane and not the body left behind when the woman inside had already abandoned it. She spoke until she lost her voice and still, she hadn’t said enough. 

[listen] in my veins. andrew belle // a heart you can’t find. wise children // undone. haley reinhart // let her go. jasmine thompson // stars. grace potter & the nocturnals // after afterall. william fitzsimmons // follow you down to the red oak tree. james vincent mcmorrow // ghosts that we knew. mumford & sons // please don’t go. barcelona // before i start dreaming. anchor and braille // say (all i need). onerepublic // delicate. damien rice // i found a reason. cat power // shelter. the xx // say something. jasmine thompson // we all complete. rachel portman // 
dark paradise. lana del rey // shard. michael brook

AU ~ Confession time. Now its Jane’s turn.


How did you meet Mommy? I, uh, well I saw her preparing to bat in a really really silly outfit in a softball game Mommy had organized to raise awareness of kids that needed someone to love and care for them. Uncle Barry bought me a ticket to support Mommy and the kids. And I, uh, I really appreciated her…silliness.

AU- (the mortal instruments) ; Jane rizzoli is a shadowhunter, badass and fearless. She has dedicated her life to fighting demons and protecting the innocent. When the Boston Vampire clan start to go rogue, killing and turning innocent humans to their kind, The Clave call upon the shadowhunters to get to the bottom of it all and kill all rogue vampires. Little does Jane know that this task isn’t as easy as she might think. When she meets a powerful and feared vampire will she able to put her feelings aside and kill?



At age nine she met Paddy Doyle.
At age ten, she saw him again when he drove through her neighborhood. While the other kids playing in the street tried to race the car he was in, Jane watched with fascination from her bike. 
Just before her eleventh birthday, Paddy promised to make sure her family was financially secure without them ever having to know why. Only if she agreed to do him some favors. She hadn’t given him an answer.
When she saw father pacing the room angrily and her mother bawling her eyes out over a letter with “EVICTION” bolded in red, she rode her bike to the bar Paddy frequented most and accepted his offer. 
When she was thirteen he asked her to ride her bike to the more wealthy parts of Boston with a secured backpack. This became a regular occurrence and she never thought to ask what was in the bag. All she knew was that her father’s plumbing business was flourishing and she always received a ten dollar tip when she returned the change to Paddy. 
By age eighteen, Paddy had asked her to do a lot of things but none of them she questioned him for until he asked her to join the police academy when she graduated high school. It was then she considered getting out. Her father was already successful and she was just about to graduate high school and join the family business. 
Three weeks later with three broken ribs, a broken leg, and a fractured skull Jane never thought about leaving Paddy’s mob again. 
At age twenty, she met his daughter, who hadn’t a clue about her affiliation with Paddy Doyle, and fell in love. Paddy threatened to kill her if she ever went to dinner with Maura again. She stayed away.
Until she was twenty-two. 
At twenty-three, she and Maura’s relationship was still a secret from Paddy but Maura was becoming suspicious when Jane left in the middle of the night and returned at dawn with cuts and bruises on her knuckles. 
At twenty-five, Maura wanted to tell her father about Jane. 
At twenty-six, Jane proposed, with Paddy’s permission, and married Maura at twenty-seven. 
When she was twenty-eight and Maura was pregnant with their first child, Paddy Doyle was finally arrested. But her affiliation with him was not severed. Instead, he asked her to supply him with confidential information. 
At thirty-two, Jane was arrested and imprisoned. 
Unbeknownst to her, after the final visit she received from her ex-wife, Maura took over the family business.