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for the lovely truckyousasha, who more or less bullied me into making this

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It’s been about 18 months since Casey was ordered back to Afghanistan for a special mission before Jane could answer his proposal… since Jane found out she was pregnant… since your life finally started having meaning.

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"The idea of you getting pregnant makes me happy but at the same time it makes me so scared because I don’t want anything bad happening to you. I just want to protect you, and knowing that something could go wrong makes me so scared. But just seeing you playing with TJ, seeing how happy you are when you hold him makes me forget about all those scary things. It just… it makes me realize that I want that for us, I want to see you playing with our kids everyday of my life, because I love you."

Part 2 (x)

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All the family was waiting for the news, and when Frankie entered Maura’s office and saw her there, standing with her mouth wide open and an envelope in her hand, he knew that they had come. 

-“It says yes?” he asks, aproaching to her. 

- “Yes.” Maura was panicking and Frankie was wishing that Jane would be here and not in that symposium in Washington. He just wants her to be here. She would be so happy to know that her wife was finally pregnant.

-“What if I’m not good at it?” that question breaks his smile, and all he can do is reassure her and hold her shaking hands. “It’ll be ok. This is going to be something wonderful” He imagines her sister’s face as she finds out and can’t help it when his smile grows wider, or when his heart feels like it’s going to explode when he sees Maura’s, his other sister’s, hand resting on her abdomen. 

-“Oh my god” Maura just whispers happily before breaking down into Frankie’s hug. "You’ll be a great mom, Maura. You and Jane are going to be amazing, and this kid is going to be the luckiest one in earth to have you two as his moms"

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AU: In which Jane’s accepted Casey’s proposal and left Boston to be an army wife. A heartbroken Maura is left trying to pick up the pieces with another Rizzoli, but even Tommy knows it’s a terrible idea.

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"No judgement from me,” Jane adds. “No judgement from those who matter, either.”

"I don’t want you to assume—"

"Maura, you don’t need to explain anyth—"

"—I am not ashamed of you, Jane. That is something I will never feel. I’m proud. So proud, Jane, and so privileged to have you it terrifies me that if I ever make this known someone will take you away.”

Jane just laughs, in a manner that makes Maura think it’s just as ridiculous said as it is thought. “Even if that was possible, I would always come back to you.” Maura furrows her brows at that, disbelieving that she’s deserving of any compassion. “You’re mine just as much as I am yours, and I’ll wait however long I have to for you.”

Jane looks at her then, with such patience and such love that it becomes unbearable, and it’s that very feeling that allows Maura to realize it’s the truth. 

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AU: In which Angela can’t help but start planning Jane and Maura’s wedding, despite them being engaged less than 24 hours.

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" I was thinking about Jane when I spoke to your girlfriend, " his eyes lift from the bottle and he looks at you .His dark eyes seem full of pain, but also full of understanding.
" You’re afraid that she’ll go away." it seem like a question, but it’s not. You wonder if your pain can be seen in your eyes.
" i can’t stop her. If Casey makes her happy, I can’t stop her." your eyes are burning from the tears that you’re holding back. Your confession is soft as a whisper, and you don’t know if Frost heard it in all the sound that surrounds you both. But you know he did when he puts his hand above yours. A small smile comes to his lips "You love her"
You don’t feel strong enough to lie, to hold your feelings inside. You just nod. You do love her.

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AU — in which Frost, Frankie and Korsak take action to encourage Jane and Maura to come out of the closet

— original video (x)
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You’re standing there, in the middle of your living room, but you feel lost. Everything it’s so quiet, but you keep hearing it in your head. The sound of the gun going off is tearing you apart, you need to get it out of your head, but you know that it is impossible. 
One of your hands reaches to your chest, right above your heart where her hand laid when she last spoke to you. “Jane”  you cried as you ran towards her, and you catched her right before she falls to the ground “ You feel that burning last touch, as your hand gazes upon the blood stains on your shirt. You feel your knees give up, and you fall to the floor, crying. “Maur.. - you put one of your fingers on top of her lips to shush her, and she kissed it weakly. “Don’t say anything, Jane” 
Your body is aching and your eyes burning from the tears that don’t seem to cease. Anger invides your body as you scream: “tu me manques “. A sad laugh comes out of your lips as you remember the both of you curled in the couch. Her soft breath in your neck, and her hands wrapped around your body. “Did you know that the translation of “I miss you” in french is “tu me manques “ which actually means “You’re missing from me”? You fell silent after saying that, not knowing what had made you say it, but you were greatful you did it after hearing Jane repeat the french words softly in your ear. In that moment you knew that you were madly in love” 
“You’re missing from me, Jane” it comes out as a whisper, but it echoes around the house. You look over at the table, and you see a picture of the two of you, smiling to the camera. You walk towards it and you grab it hesitantly, like it is going to desapear if you touch it, just like Jane did. “Promise me you’ll be ok” she said stroking one of the many tears that were falling from your eyes “You know I don’t promise things that can’t be done” 
You look at her smile in the photo, and the words come out of your mouth as if they were falling from a  cascade “You’re missing from me because you are a part of me. You are like a limb,  or an organ, or blood” Your fingers gaze the picture over your clasped hands “You take the hand that lays above your heart and you kiss it’s scar. Her chocolate eyes seem to be loosing their light, and her breathing is becoming uneven. Your hazel eyes are locked with hers and you know that this is the end.”  “You are essential to me, I can’t function without you” “I love you, Maur.” you feel herself whisper as she gives you her last breath. “

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